A new digital HQ for distributed teams

Communicate more effectively, move faster, and keep everyone on the same page. Break down silos in your company and unlock your potential.

Unlock your company’s full potential.

Everything you need to break down silos, move faster, and increase clarity.

Stay in the loop with what's happening in your company at a glance. Never get blindsided again.

Rise above the noise.

Craft your message, tell your story, share your progress. We give you the tools to ensure your voice is heard.

Rich composer

Format, style, and shape posts to reflect your voice.

Our rich text editor supports formatting, embedding images and videos, code snippets, @mentions, emoji, and much more.

Video posts

Built-in Loom integration to quickly share video posts.

Make leadership updates, department announcements, and introductions come to life with built-in video posts. As simple as click, record, and post.


Get a quick pulse check on what your teammates think.

Survey your teams and let people weigh in on key topics. Make sure everyone's voice is heard and build a more inclusive culture.

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It’s time to increase collaboration and bust up information silos. Give your team the context to operate at their full potential.

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Loved by innovators.

Companies using Parse outperform their competitors by ensuring what’s important doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of messaging apps and email.

    • Parse has become the home base for our distributed company, I never realized how much of a mess everything was before and now I can never go back.

      Sarah Redford
      CEO at Gerlach-Price
    • When you’re not in the same office as everyone it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is working on. Parse gives me everything I need to stay in the loop right in my feed.

      Sherie Prescote
      Director at Monte Group
    • We’re able to move so much faster now and everyone knows what their partner team’s priorities are. I’m convinced now that running your company out of Slack past 50 employees is a liability and hampers growth.

      Damien Lawden
      Founder of Tetraplex
    • We’ve been using Parse to keep everyone in the loop on new product releases and it’s made our lives so much easier. Now everyone is up to speed on new features from day 1 and we can rock and roll.

      Alyda Soughton
      COO at MirageAI
    • Previously we had managed our goals in spreadsheets and no one would look at them. With Parse it’s front and center so everyone knows what they need to hit.

      Andy Leary
      Founder of FleetSpeaker
    • Slack was great for ad hoc chats, but just didn’t scale for cross-team communication. Parse has bridged that gap for us and helped keep everyone in sync.

      Lindy Brenard
      VP at Prodex


Simple pricing, for everyone.

We like to keep things simple, no billing surprises here.


Perfect for small teams looking to improve how they work remotely.


  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited posts and groups
  • Manage and track team goals
  • Integrations with modern work tools
  • Complementary support
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For companies looking to scale their internal communications.


  • Private groups
  • Live video streaming
  • Advanced post analytics
  • Additional SSO providers
  • Custom retention rules
  • Moderation tool suite
  • Priority support
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For even the biggest enterpise companies.

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  • Advanced auditing and compliance tools
  • White-label with your custom branding
  • Direct API access
  • Designated support mananger
  • Premier support
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact support@useparse.com and we’ll be happy to help.

    • Why do I login with Slack?

      We use Slack SSO to match you with your teammates and structure teams.

    • What tools do you integrate with?

      Right now we support Google Calendar, Notion, Confluence, and Linear with more coming soon.

    • How do I manage team members?

      Accounts are based on your company’s Slack user directory. As soon as someone is added or removed it’s reflected in Parse automatically.

    • How can I customize my home feed?

      Your home feed aggregates posts from groups you’re in and teammates you follow. Follow (or unfollow) groups and teammates to make sure you’re seeing what’s relevant to you.

    • Can you share a post from Parse to Slack?

      Yes! When writing a new post enable the "Share to Slack" toggle. Alternatively you can grab a link to the post to share wherever you need.

    • Can I pull messages from Slack into Parse?

      Yes, use our message shortcut in Slack to generate a post in Parse based on a message sent in Slack.

    • Are there any limits on users/posts/groups?

      Nope! All plans include unlimited team members, unlimited posts, and unlimited groups.

    • Is Parse currently hiring?

      Not right now, but we’re always open to chat with talented folks. Shoot us an email and let’s talk.

    • I have more questions, who do I contact?

      Contact sales@useparse.com and one of the founders will get back to you shortly.